Magnesium Alloys Passivation

Multipurpose Cleaning

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Passivation Chemicals to magnesium. It is known as anodizing chemicals of magnesium. Our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Demand for sustainable, lightweight and recyclable materials is ever increasing with the push towards environmentally-conscious products, which can only be beneficial for the magnesium industry.

Aircraft and missile components, engine mounts, control hinges, fuel tanks, wings Automotive wheels, housings, transmission cases, engine blocks, bicycles, material handling, Ladders, crankcase, engine components, Laptops, televisions, cell phones, Luggage, Portable power tools, chainsaws, hedge clippers, weed whackers, Printing and textile machinery, Steering wheels and columns, seat frames. Magnesium has good biocompatibility and is nontoxic, its a very attractive option for use in implants and similar applications for orthopedic biomaterial.

Magnesium is recently used in wider applications including medical.

The chemicals are available in liquid form. The anodizing chemicals offer various shade as per current density.

Magnesium Alloy passivation passes international standards like ASTM. The biocompatibility of magnesium is assessed.

Role of Passivation
The critical applications attract the role of passivation due to its corrosion susceptibility. The anodizoing is best practiced method for magnesium passivation. The corrosion resistance is built up significantly with anodizing. We offer anodizing and pre anodizing activation chemicals for electrochemicals baths.