CIP Chemicals

Descaler for Lube Oil Separator


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of CIP Chemicals. Cleaning in Place is commonly known as CIP. Our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.
It is used in food pharma plants, also in lube and fuel oil separator.


Here water scale is regular concern and it affects the efficiency of the system. It is often being ignored as these devices are installed at such a complex positions that the treatment is quite difficult. We offer solution which offer descaling through CIP circulation i.e. cleaning in place type solution against the scaling issue. On regular basis if adopted it may extend life of equipment too as well efficiencies of system in terms of power, time, yield, safety, and against replacement cost, shutdown costs etc. The water scale though considered easier to remove by any cheaper acid / alkali it has serious potential to damage the system.

We provide the CIP chemicals in carboys, drums or intermediate bulk containers packing. The products are food and pharma compatible and removed out completely with water.

Our Solution
We offer expert advice and comprehensive solution in this field along with supply of optimized chemical. We also offer descaler towards The fluid oil separtors & lube oil separators.