Brass Passivation


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Passivation Chemicals to all grades of Brass. It is commonly known as Chromate Passivation of Brass etc. Our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Marine engines, hydraulic equipment, fittings, pump casting, housing nuts, heavy load wheels, valve guides, bushes, bearings, swash plates, battery clamps, clock components, builders hardware, gear meters, architectural fascias, grillwork jewelry ornamental, trim badges, door handles, marine hardware, primer caps pen, pencil and lipstick tubes, nuts, bolts, threaded parts, terminals jets, taps, injectors, valve bodies, balance weights, pipe, water fittings etc.

Brass is best suit for above applications. However being the copper alloy it suffers the tarnishing on atmospheric exposures. The brass easily gets tarnished with various environment. It not only affects it aethetically but the performance is also affected from subsequest damage to part.

We offer passivation as compared to defense standard, which can be tested and evaluated with nitrate color test. Brass gets corrosion from dezincification and copper gets exposed to corrosive attack. Our chemicals are available in bulk packing for bath set up.

Role of Passivation
The brass passivation is studied at many process set ups however with little success. We offer brass passivation with durable finish and anti-tarnishing properties to brass.