Cupro Nickel Passivation


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Passivation Chemicals to all grades of Cupronickel. It is commonly known as Passivation of Cupronickel. Our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

The two main alloys are 90/10 (90% copper, 10% nickel) and 70/30 (70% copper, 30% nickel).?

Marine products, defence products, desalination plants, offshore oil and gas, power generation, shipbuilding and ship repair, boat hulls and marine antibifouling applications. Tubes for light-duty condensers, feedwater heaters, and evaporators used in power stations and desalination plants, pipes carrying seawater to fire mains, cooling water systems and ship sanitary systems, underwater fencing, cabled tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic lines fasteners, crankshafts, hulls and other marine hardware used in boats, silver-plated cutlery, medical equipment, automobile parts, cylinder cores in high-quality locks, seawater pipework, offshore fire water systems, heat exchangers and condensers Sheathing of legs and risers on offshore platforms and boat hulls, hydraulic lines fish cages for aquaculture, desalination units. )

We offer Pickling and passivation chemicals in Liquid and well as Gel Forms.

Role of Passivation
Passivation to cupronickel is invariably required as it is most susceptible for the chloride attack in marine environment. Many a times repeatative passivation applications are required depending upon the exposure and criticality. We deliver chemicals and passivation solution for inline as well as offline set up. We also offer BioPassivation compatible for aquatic life.